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Spray Finishing

The spray finishing process can also be used to restore pieces to fake rolex watches their former glory and original colours.
To enhance, refresh or change modern furniture, it swiss rolex can be spray finished to any colour you wish, within the allowances of the original wood. This includes lightening or darkening the original colour. We can apply a choice of matt, satin or gloss finishes.

We are fake breitling watches currently undertaking trials of a new finish which claims to be resistant to heat, alcohol and light abrasion. Ideal for use in swiss hublot pubs, clubs, offices etc.



Cabinet Polished for  Lenny Goodman

of "Strictly come dancing" fame


Furniture repair

& restoration

Expert wood turning can create an exact replacement or copy of any piece of furniture, modern or antique. We can also repair broken or incomplete furniture to make it as good as new. We also strip & refinish furniture to bring it back to its original condition.

 French Polishing

French polishing is suitable for antique furniture to restore the surface back to it's former glory. We use only traditional methods and materials to give the best results on any wood finish.